Giulia Inglardi

“I am Giulia Inglardi and I attended the MEFI-IOMR course.
To me MEFI represented: English language, group activities and interdisciplinary projects which involved public speaking, computer-based practical exams, the experience of being tutor and the development of an experimental thesis. All of these activities not only trained me to be ready for the job market but also to have fun while studying.
Currently I am working at Tech Rain, a consultant company, and, as a business and data analyst, I am developing two projects for one of the main telco companies in Italy”






Fabrizio Cucinella

Attending the MEFI course, I had the opportunity to study economics, finance, management and marketing, all perfectly balanced among themselves. This Master experience, moreover, is carried out in such a way to introduce students in the working world, thanks to several workshops and direct partnerships with local firms. Even before graduating and completing my studies, I have been hired by one of those local businesses, constantly looking for young trainees among the ranks of the students of my course. I was included in a satisfying and challenging position from the very beginning, thanks to the skills acquired during these two years of study in Pavia






Stefano Riva

“The Master program in Economics, Finance and International Integration has provided me with technical knowledge in Applied Economics and Pricing theory. I work as a Senior Analyst at Carnival Corporation, the world leading group in the cruise industry. Based in the UK office and traveling around the world, I now look after strategic pricing projects in the Revenue Management area across Carnival brands. The MEFI program made up my statistical and data analytics background, a key requirement in a sector where the employers demand skillful people to bring science in their day-to-day commercial pricing activities and competition.”







Alberto Dondoni

Stating that MEFI has been the starting point of my career in finance would be wrong. It was much more. Apart from providing an outstanding knowledge of economics, with a focus on financial markets in my case, MEFI granted me the possibility to create a wide network of professors and fellow students; they now represent a structure of support, stimuli and career opportunities which is mostly unrivaled in Italy.  After the unnerving but necessary internships, I now work in Banca IMI, as a Portfolio Manager in the credit markets.  In my job I have to leverage my knowledge of capital market expectations, fundamental analysis, econometrics, behavioral finance – and more, it never ends tragically – all concepts first presented and studied during my courses. MEFI and the enthusiasm of the professors were also able to motivate me to enroll in the CFA program, which has been a masochistic but very rewarding experience







Marco Sornatale

I have been a MEFI student since October 2013: I got my degree 2 years ago, but I still consider myself a MEFI student as a credit for my financial career. During the master I developed my passion for finance, particularly thanks to professors who, for their professional experience, gave me inputs and tips to enter this world. Few days after my graduation, I started a 6 months internship in Banca IMI, the investment branch of Intesa Sanpaolo, and it has proven to be a difficult but really educational experience from the beginning. After 4 months they decided to hire me and now I’m a broker in Market Hub. My job’s main task is the execution of listed derivatives products on all types of underlying (Equity, Fixed Income, Forex and Commodity); I’m specialized on European and US markets, but I have also a basic knowledge of Asian market. I don’t know yet where my career will bring me, but I know the starting point was good and this will help me in the future.







Antonella Salomone

In a Finance course you learn models that allow you to discover new insights about real world dynamics. I’ve learned that financial markets are evolving continuously and that every day there is something new to discover. The MEFI Master degree provided me all the quantitative tools and knowledge to understand, deal and extract valuable information from a complex environment. Currently, I’m a business analyst at a fintech solution provider. Working in the wealth, investments and asset management segment every day I learn how technology is transforming finance:  this is a good example of how this world is evolving!”





Carlo Alberto Grecchi

“A path to follow and instruments to reach your goals. This is what I found during my experience at the Univeristy of Pavia. During the Master I had the opportunity to meet both outstanding professors and professionals. As a student at the Department of Economics you will live in the small campus of “San Felice”, and you will not feel like a number among a lot of students. This concept obviously affects also education quality, implying attention to the single students and to details.
My Erasmus experience, the participation in the “CFA research challenge” and my Master thesis changed my career. Currently I’m working in Luxembourg for the biggest italian asset management company as a portfolio manager, mainly on the smart beta funds.”







Stefano Muratorio

“For me the MEFI Finance course has been a sort of discovery of the financial world which allowed me to understand the financial markets from a quantitative point of view, as well as from the qualitative sight. Pillars have been strongly planted and the CFA Research Challenge seemed to be the perfect ending of a growth path. The thesis is not a proforma, and with a bit of courage and the right professor it can lead to potential original studies and the publication of a paper. Thanks to the thesis i approached the risk management side of portfolio management and i’m currently a risk consultant in a risk and performance software-house. I do suggest the course because of the large number of topics it touches, giving the possibility to open your mind and reach the financial lands.”







Fabrizio Ligurgo

“My experience at the MEFI course was great. It gave me the possibility to deeply understand the world of finance. I was able to acquire more and more knowledge about quantitative modelling, forecasting, economic issues, how to interpret and manage them. Last but not least, MEFI studies allowed me to work in an investment bank. Currently, my job is to provide sales & trading with analysis and ideas about financial market issues. I am focused on fixed income and macroeconomics topics, but every day I have the opportunity to explore new worlds. Never stop studying.”







Antonio Amendola

“I graduated in 2016 in the Finance course. My final dissertation was about a new application of the Beta parameter in a portfolio strategy framework. Now-days I am collaborating with my final dissertation mentor, Prof Dennis Marco Montagna, to publish a paper focused on the Beta topic.

During the Master’s years I have developed quantitative and qualitative skills either in portfolio management and in Equity evaluation. I really enjoyed the courses, given the practical shape of the tasks and the professors’ high level skills. Thanks to my Master Degree I am now working as a Junior Portfolio Manager in a primary Italian Investment Bank. Now I am preparing the CFA exam and I can remark that the Finance course covers over the 70% of the notions required by the CFA curriculum.”








Floriana Bove
“MEFI gave me the possibility to approach an environment similar to the working world. Thanks to many team projects, I could cooperate with my international colleagues in order to achieve common aims, like in everyday working life.
It was a training experience in which I could learn and test a lot of issues typical of the working sphere: data analysis, drafting of business plans, cooperation and problem solving skills. Everything was supervised step by step by UNIPV professors. Now I am working as a data and social media analyst in a marketing company. Social media analytics is a new branch of market research attracting more and more attention by firms in recent years, being able to provide useful business insights.”








Davide Quaranta
During my two years at MEFI I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, sharing different cultures and lifestyles. MEFI provided me with a strong analytical base thanks to some practical exams like Big Data Analysis and Applied Industrial Organization, which required to learn the use of softwares like Stata, R and Python. I met great Professors, always available to give support in case of necessity. Furthermore, thanks to this Master Course, I’m currently employed in the Italian leader company in the sector of cruises, as a business analyst in the digital marketing department.








 Tommaso Pasetti

“I enrolled in the Master MEFI in 2015, graduating in Finance in December 2017 with a thesis entitled “The Low Risk Effect: from Betting Against Beta to Betting Against Correlation”. During my journey in the MEFI path I developed both analytical and quantitative skills and I had the chance to be member of the Department Board and of the Academic Senate as a student representative. MEFI gave me the opportunity, and the tools, to join the “CFA Research Challenge 2017″, a team competition of financial analysis, sponsored by CFA Italy. With the end of my studies I did an internship in Equity Research at Banca Akros. Currently, I am a CFA Level 1 candidate.”






Ivano Inversini

“I joined the MEFI course IOMR in 2014, and since the first day I found interesting and challenging to deal with an international environment where courses are carried out in an interactive way, requiring active participation from my side with interventions, presentations and teamwork. These factors not only gave me strong bases in different economic areas, but also enabled me to develop a set of skills that speeded up my integration and learning process at Accenture. In my current work in a consulting company, this kind of background represents the best starting point for a continuous growth.”








Paolo Pagnottoni

“I am a proud graduate of the MEFI Programme with major in Finance. MEFI strongly contributed to build myself up thanks to the integration between experienced professors and professionals in teaching activities. Thanks to MEFI, I also caught the opportunity to spend one year abroad within the Double Degree Program and earned a Master in European Economics at the University of Tübingen (one of the Universities of Excellence in Germany). Moreover, MEFI gave me the chance to be part of the CFA Research Challenge winning team in 2018. I am currently pursuing an Industrial Ph.D. in the Financial Data Modelling field and my scholarship is funded by a Bank.”






Andrada Remes

“Studying at the University of Pavia, gave me great opportunities for my future career. I started with an Erasmus Internship at the end of my studies in a company that sells sport equipment all across Europe from their headquarters in Germany. In a very short time I became their marketing manager, taking care  of all the orders from suppliers (from India, China, France etc ) for the whole company.”










Irene Casetto

“The MEFI course offers a deep view in many economic sectors such as energy, environmental, and health economics. The theoretical and analytical approach of the MEFI course makes it feasible to start a career in different fields, in particular in the Data Science one. The theoretical notions, combined with practical cases, allow you to develop an important confidence to deal with artificial intelligence and machine learning issues. The course promotes the development of the so-called “critical thinking” useful at work and essential in everyday life. All of this happens in a dynamic and international context.
Now I work as a Junior Data Scientist at Excelle”








Dafne Capisani

The MEFI Programme, combined with the Erasmus experience and the access to Fund for Cooperation and Knowledge, trained me to work in the field of economic development and growth. During the course, I acquired the analytical skills to deal with issues such as equitable economic growth, municipal finance, and gender mainstreaming. After graduation, I worked at the European Commission – DG International Cooperation and Development as a Policy intern (Blue Book Programme). Currently, I am employed at the Cities Alliance (a organisation hosted by United Nations Office), where I specialise in urban economics and study the importance of public services in stimulating growth and reducing inequalities in cities.







Alessandro Saccogna

“I have lived in Pavia for two years, until the end of the master MEFI. I graduated with the highest honors. My master studies gave me the opportunity to find a real application of economic models previously analyzed just from a theoretical perspective. MEFI means transversality, group work but mainly enjoying different opportunities. I have been a teaching assistant for more than one year and I have done an internship within the Data Science department of Doxa S.p.A. I am currently working as a Functional Analyst at NTT DATA within the Payments and Blockchain’s department, the object of my master thesis.”







Giulia Urbano

I attended the IOMR curriculum that I found to be a well structured course, given in a practical learning environment, introducing students to Market Regulations, Game Theory, Big Data Analysis & Machine Learning. As a result of this Degree, I have enjoyed the experience and practical work using softwares such as R and Python. Using these softwares, I now hold the skills to deal with statistical analysis on a wide range of data sets. I feel this Master’s Degree gave me a relevant knowledge for future technology-based employment. In addition to this, there are many international opportunities available to students. I chose an internship in Dublin through the ERASMUS traineeship program and then progressed to Business Analyst for the same company. IOMR, An opportunity not to be missed.”





Jing Li

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, MEFI is one of the most precious ventures that has ever occurred in my life. During this two years program, on one hand, I consolidated my knowledge about economic theories, through a more dynamic and realistic perspective; I acquired the skills to use various softwares as well as coding languages, which helped me being involved in the main trends of our current world. I learned a lot via projects and group works that accelerated my path for my future employment. On the other hand, I widened my perspective by experiencing different cultures and attending various events. I harvested unforgettable friendships which I consider as my life-time treasury. If I had a second chance, I would always consider MEFI as the first choice”







Bianca Isaincu
“The Master in Economics, Finance and International Integration was a door opener for me. Firstly, because of the experienced teachers I had the chance to interact with. Secondly, because of the opportunities it gave me to widen my experience abroad, through an exchange program with the University of Sorbonne in Paris, and  an internship in the organisation where I found my first job. MEFI and its teachers are there to always support you. The biggest favour you can do to yourself is to reach out for advice and guidance, surely you will get that and you will not regret it later on. I work at the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI), as the manager for Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Asia regions.”





Luca Neri
“MEFI Finance is a challenging degree up to the standards of most prestigious masters all over the world. It means the opportunity to attend high-quality courses surrounded by ambitious students with brilliant minds in a dynamic international enviroment. MEFI curriculum trained and prepared me to be hired as a risk analyst at the European Central Bank while keeping the door open for job positions in the academic world. I am currently a PhD student at the Department of Economics of Aarhus University (Denmark), where I joined the Econometrics section and C.R.E.A.T.E.S.”








Giulia Nocetti

I graduated in July 2015. I chose the Industrial Organization and Market Regulation curriculum, which gave me the chance to deepen some of the issues that most fascinated me, i.e. energy economics and competition policies. Moreover, before graduation, I was hired as an intern by Edison S.p.A., a major energy company. During my internship, I  completed my final thesis, concerning the process of liberalisation in the upstream gas market. Afterwards, I worked for three years at Edison’s Regulatory Affairs department, dealing especially with the gas and electricity retail markets. Since it was time for me to move on to a new chapter of my professional experience, recently I started working in Repower Italia Spa, a company developing innovative projects in the energy field, mostly concerning electric mobility.





Benedetta Sorge
I decided to enroll in a Finance course to understand the dynamics of the financial markets. I participated in the CFA Research Challenge, an international competition among Universities, and I made an internship at Schroders, an English asset management company. My master’s thesis, supervised by Prof. Dennis Marco Montagna, was focused on the use of some multiples first as regressors of the stock market and subsequently as metrics for the construction of some portfolio strategies. 
I was not sure at all I had made the right choice for me, and I am still not sure that finance will be the sector in which I will work for life. In these two years, however, I learned a lot, and the career prospects are so varied and stimulating that I’m excited to start working in the financial world. 







Lucia Romagnoni

I graduated in Energy Economics, with a dissertation focused on the analysis of the total factor productivity (TFP) in the Italian energy market. The MEFI program allowed me to build a strong background in market strategies and industrial dynamics. I started my career in Monitor Deloitte in May 2016, where I am still working as a consultant, facing every day complex and challenging activities. In strategic consulting I found the working environment that fits my needs. Thanks to my studies, I have been able to reap great satisfactions at work and I have been evaluated as best performer at my grade.









Enrica Muschietti

When I arrived in Pavia, I immediately realized the opportunities that its University offered me. Being part of MEFI has met all my expectations. The international environment in which you are involved and the possibility of putting into practice what you study, through continuous projects, is a powerful stimulus to personal growth, which for me was constant and intense. Even before graduating I found a job in a major consulting firm, PwC, and I noticed that employers are very interested in the economic / statistical footprint of the studies.










Caterina Cavaliere

Being part of the MEFI has been one of the best challenge I could take so far, and the experience that strengthened important friendships I still bring with me today. Studying Finance let me know how much important it was to be brave in order to achieve my own goals, and so I did. For example, I had the opportunity to live and study for five months in Aarhus (Denmark), an experience which deeply changed my life. Once back, I decided to take part to the CFA Research Challenge, during the which I got passionate about equity research. I can state that all the efforts made during these years, and during the competition, have been largely repaid: my team and I won against all the other Italian teams, and two days after my graduation I started to work as Equity Research Analyst in Milan.








Francesca Nuzzo
“The MEFI program provided me with a solid platform to start my career as well as rigorous and interdisciplinary teachings. Its well-balanced offer of both practical and theoretical courses inspired me in seeking higher-levels of education within University and through profitable industrial partnerships all over the world (FCA in London, CMCRC in Sydney)