Health insurance

Health Care
Access to the National Health Service

All students who come from an E.U. country must bring their European Health Insurance Card or a provisional replacement certificate.

European Health Insurance Card
It replaces the E111 and E128 forms, and entitles the holder to immediate access to the National Health Service (‘Servizio Sanitario Nazionale’, or ‘SSN’).  Foreign students in possession of the card will therefore receive the same health care benefits as Italian citizens.  When they arrive in Pavia, they will receive a list of doctors they will be able to visit free of charge.

Students from outside the E.U. must bring proof of private health insurance that is valid in Italy.  Alternatively, they can register with the National Health Service, which costs c. €150 per annum. This amount is payable at the post office with a postal order (‘bollettino postale’) made out to: Regione Lombardia – c/c n° 379222.
This registration fee is valid for the rest ( i.e. until 31st December) of the calendar year in which payment is made.  After payment, the student should go to the A.S.L. building (Via Indipendenza 3, 13-14-15, Ground floor) to choose a General Practioner.