Foreign Bachelor


As from academic year 2022/2023 MEFI will undergo a transformation and will be split into two Master Degrees:

  • Master Programme in Finance, deriving from MEFI Finance curriculum (link to the website will follow)
  • Master Programme in Economics Development and Innovation (MEDI), conveying IEID and IOMR curricula (link to the website will follow)




First of all students holding a foreign qualification need to check that their background of studies is in line with the Master’s Programme minimal requirements, which are illustrated here.


If the minimal entry requirements are met, the application consists in an online procedure during which you will be requested to upload the following documents: 

  • A scan of your Bachelor degree transcript supplied by your university reporting the individual exams taken (or to be taken if still graduating) , relative marks and numbers of credits (or study hours) for each exam. If you have more than one degree, you may upload more than one transcript, each as a separate file.
  • A copy of your passport
  • An excel file to be completed with all the exams from your transcript, divided and grouped according to the different subject areas  specified in the file. Please download the excel file here
  • Your curriculum vitae;
  • A scan of your English language certificate (optional);
  • Instructions for the payment are provided during the online procedure.

All applicants MUST PAY an application fee in order for their application to be considered.  Instructions for the payment (by credit/debit card) are provided during the online procedure.

In order to apply and upload the above documents, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the University of Pavia application portal HERE
  • Register (click on “Become an Applicant”)  in order to apply for MEFI (Master Programme in Economics, Finance and International Integration)



Students admitted to the Master’s Programme will need to contact an Italian diplomatic authority in their home country, in order to assemble all the documents needed to enroll and submit a pre-enrollment application with the University of Pavia. which needs to be done online on Universitaly platform. See info at this link

The list of documents to assemble via an Italian Diplomatic authority is as follows:

– The ORIGINAL DOCUMENT (or a certified copy or a replacement certificate) of the University diploma (3-year university degree) suitable for enrollment in the Laurea Magistrale

– Original diploma (or a certified copy or a replacement certificate) must be translated into Italian and legalized (by the competent Italian Authority in the country) or apostilled. In case the document is issued in English language by the home university, no translation is needed.

– The original copy of the university diploma must be accompanied by a declaration of its value (dichiarazione di valore in loco), issued by the Italian authorities in the country where the qualification was awarded.
a statement of comparability issued by “”CIMEA””:
the “”DiplomaSupplement””: issued by your University (if available)

 For detailed info on the procedure for enrollment, see this page