MEFI Team taking part to the BACS Challenge- vote of Popular Jury

Like last year, a MEFI team called “Ticinensis” is going to take part to the Business Analysts Research Challenge ” “BACS Cosenza Summit II””, taking place online.

We invite and recommend our MEFI students to register to the event and follow its live streaming, and then be part of the “Popular Jury”

These are the steps:

– register at this link:   BACS 2021 – Business Analysis Cosenza Summit Registrazione, Gio, 02 dic 2021 alle 14:00 | Eventbrite

– follow the event live streamed on Thursday 2nd of December from 2pm-7:30pm 

– at the end of the teams’ presentations, a link will be provided for voting.

Let’s support our team! Good luck Ticinensis!