Start of lectures on 20 September – important information

The start of lectures is approaching (20 September). Please see below some important info:

  • See THIS DOCUMENT for detailed info on how attendance to classes is going to be managed.  PLEASE READY IT CAREFULLY.


  • You find the I semester courses timetable at this link You will need to select MEFI, your year of attendance (I or II ) and  the curriculum you’d like to follow (Finance; IOMR or IEID). The timetable is weekly, i.e. it shows what the lectures’ agenda is going to be every week, from 20 September up to December.  In order to know which lectures you are supposed to follow  (according to your curriculum of choice) please see the course synopsis here:


  • IMPORTANT for I year students: if undecided among the 3 curricula, you have a period of time to make up your mind. You could even follow lectures from all curricula before deciding.The official curriculum choice must be made between 6 October- 2 November, at the time of the study plan compilation(we will send instructions on this nearer the time)