Courses on transversal skills 2021/2022

Please note that also 2021/2022 academic year will  offer courses on transversal skills, designed to improve those skills that today’s labor market and the market of the near future will require more  and more, regardless of students’ background of studies at university level. In addition to the courses already activated last year, courses on topics relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as defined by the UN 2030 Agenda, will be offered.

They are all free choice courses that can be included in the study plan, according to the regulations of the Degree Program to which the student is enrolled into.To ensure greater effectiveness in teaching and for organizational reasons, the number of places is limited. Students will be notified by  COR starting from September 6 p.v. and the booking process will take place by logging into the Reserved Area with the university credentials.

Four courses on transversal skills, of 3 CFU, are held on university premises and are open to students of two-year master’s degree courses and of the last two years of single-cycle degree courses (in brackets the teachers and the semester):

  • AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT (Luca Cavone – I sem. in lingua italiana) 45 posti
  • CONOSCERE E SVILUPPARE COMPETENZE E BENESSERE ORGANIZZATIVO (Alberto Francesconi – I sem. in lingua italiana) 45 posti
  • TALENT DEVELOPMENT: COMPETENZE PER UNA CARRIERA DI SUCCESSO (Maria Assunta Zanetti – I sem. in lingua italiana): 50 posti di cui 25 riservati a studenti LM di Psicologia
  • TECNICHE DI PRESENTAZIONE (Alessandro Bacchetta e Gianluca Mainino – II sem. in lingua italiana) 45 posti

The courses on SDGs, from 1 CFU, are delivered online and are open to all students of the University. The courses activated for the academic year 2021/2022 are (the teachers and the semester  are indicated in brackets):

  • LIFESTYLE, NUTRITION AND HEALTH DURING LIFESPAN (Hellas Cena – I sem. in lingua inglese) 190 posti
  • NEW PERSPECTIVES IN ENERGY FOR A SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (Giulia Grancini – I sem. in lingua inglese) 190 posti
  • SUSTAINABLE CITIES, BETWEEN PLANNING, REUSE AND RETROFITTING (Marco Morandotti – I sem. in lingua inglese) 190 posti

Find in the attached file the training objectives and a brief description of the program of each of the first four courses on transversal skills, while the description of the courses on the SDGs is available on the SDGs Courses website