Mefi Team I FIORI DI BACS wins prize at the Business Analysis Cosenza Summit

As previousy announced, on 15 December the first Research Challenge of the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) Italy Chapter has taken place online during the Business Analysis Cosenza Summit (BACS).

MEFI students (Industrial Organization and Market Regulation curriculum) have joined the challenge with the team “I Fiori di BACS”, including 8 participants: Jacopo Mutti, Azza Ben Aoun, Bianca Civitarese, Silvia Cristini,  Matteo Giorgi, Federico Necchi, Arianna Panati ed Elisa Vitali.

Their proposal consisted in an innovative business plan: the creation of a wearable device (Nestor) connected to an App able to monitor the adherence of patients to prescribed therapies. Nestor aims to improve the outpatient health, considering also the active behaviour of informal care givers, and to reduce inefficiencies and wastes for the healthcare system due to inappropriate use of medications.

The participation in the contest of the MEFI team has been promoted by MEFI Director Alberto Cavaliere and supported by the precious technical and analytical skills of Cinzia Di Novi, respectively professor of Public Finance and Health Economics at the Department of Economics and Management of Unipv.

I Fiori di Bacs team have been able to stand out within the contest because of the concreteness of their idea, which was the closest to marketability. The prize (“GO TO MARKET”) consists in the IIBA Italy membership for each student of the team, with the opportunity to  access many contents and especially the admission to a course to get the “Entry Certificate in Business Analysis” (ECBA).