IMPORTANT! Organization of Courses during the first semester of the academic year 2020-21

During the last semester at Unipv all lectures were offered online, due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. According to the University guidelines, during the next semester, starting from September until December 2020, courses are going to be  “blended”, which means lectures will be held in two ways – a mix between live lectures (lectures in the classroom) and  on-line lectures.  In any case, all lectures will be recorded with the opportunity for students to download them from the KIRO platform (the Unipv e-learning platform).

The first type of blended courses imply that all lectures are given live by the professor and students will rotate in class according to the formation of (2-3) groups, following the alphabetical order.

The second type of blended courses foresees about 70% of the lectures being offered online, while the remaining 30% taking place live in the classroom. In this case students attending the live lectures may be divided or not in small groups, depending on the need of the course, the number of available places in the room and the number of attending students.

A detailed explanation on how each course is going to be organized, out of the three MEFI curricula,  is provided  in the  file below:

MEFI_ScheduleOfCourses_1stSemester2020-21_rivisto 23 settembre